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Blyton Park - 06-01-2019

Scooby enjoyed a day out at the Dukeries Motor Club winter shake down. This was a Rally Track day held at Blyton Park Race Track January 6th 2019. A very busy day, a full entry of cars and lots of spectators.

Chasing Leading Done for the day Load up and go home

In our crew we had 3 Taekwon-Do Instructors who have Schools (Clubs) in Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Apart from the regular drivers Dennis Salt and Peter Brannan we had Rookie driver Sam Finch. Following the safety meeting we were out on track, a couple of laps on wets and then back in the pits and a change onto slick tyres. Car ran well all day with only a break for lunch and a demo from the First Aid team. Sam soon made friends with Scooby finishing the day confident and happy with his laps. Thanks go to the Dukeries Motor Club and its Marshals for making it a great day.

Blyton Park - 07-01-2018

On 7th January New Century joined in the Dukeries Rally Club shakedown at Blyton Park. Driving for New Century was Dennis Salt, Pete Brannan and Alan Lister. On the journey up the temperature hovered between -3 and 1C. On arrival it was cold, track icy and Scooby refused to start. Too cold to hang about so went for a warm and sign on at the drivers briefing/safety meeting. We were ready for action but Scooby wasn't, tried jump leads but no go. After a bit of head scratching decided to change the plugs, Pete got the spanners out and we were soon up and running.

Ice melted sun out Nice day for a drive in the country Trying hard Smile says it all

For the first hour or so the track was still icy so everyone was having fun (I mean testing their driving skills). By lunchtime the ice had gone, sun out with a blue sky. A great day, the new plugs (and car) performed well with only a break for refueling the car and us (lunch). Over lunch we watched a safety demo put on by the Dukeries rally club. During the day the three drivers took turns to drive and co-drive, all went home with a smile on the face.
Photo's courtesy of T.H.P. Tim Hatton Photography

Blyton Park - 08-01-2017

We are now a member of the Dukeries Motor Club and joined them for their track day at Blyton 08-01-2017. The Scooby had a full day out on the track with Dennis Salt, Peter Brannan, Alan Lister driving and several (volunteer) Co-drivers.

All ready for some action just need a driver! Rally car

Enjoyed sharing the track with the Dukeries crowd.

Blyton Park - 28-08-2016

Out at Blyton Park on Sunday 28-08-2016. The circuit started damp but slicks were fine, a full entry so track was busy.

Here we are Which is the GO pedal?

Car went well but needed a new clutch by the end of the day, Dennis Salt and Mark Chadwick taking turns to drive/co-drive with Peter Brannan on spanners.

Testing at Blyton Park 31-05-2015

Driving shared between Dennis Salt and Peter Brannan.

Brembos fitted ready to test Pete checking his phone before we go on track

A wet morning, arrived at 8.00am, unloaded, set up and signed on. Car already had wet tyres on so went to the safety meeting and then out on the track. A busy day with over 40 cars out. It was our the first time out with the big Brembos & Pagid competition pads fitted. Braking/stopping much better, wet tyres great even though they did get too hot and started to melt. A good day, look forward to the next.

Oulton Park 29-11-2014

Its a shame to get it dirty Mark Chadwick just going out for a Sunday drive with Father-in-law Dennis Salt Enjoying a nice drive in the country Peter Brannan ready to take on the Scooby

Last outing this year testing both drivers and car. The track was moist/wet, ideal test day.
Car just re-mapped by Mikeanics, thanks Mike for those extra BHP’s (every little counts).
The driving was shared between Dennis Salt, Peter Brannan and first time in the seat Mark Chadwick (Fenton Instructor, 3rd Degree Blackbelt).
An enjoyable day for all, Mr Chadwick soon made friends with the car after a couple of spin offs. Car enjoyed it too.

Testing at Blyton 02-08-2014

Checked, ready to go Ready for some action Been out everything OK so far Time to go home

Saturday August 2nd 2014 car back out testing at Blyton, driving shared by Dennis Salt and Peter Brannan.
Did you notice it’s new reg (K333 WRC)?

Blyton Park 12-10-2013

Nice and shiny, shame to get it wet! Yes, it was a wet day

Following a few engine mods and a re-spray we were back in action testing the car at Blyton Park 12-10-2013.
Dennis Salt and Peter Brannan took turns testing it, the mods worked well and the car behaved during its five hours on the wet track.

Bickerton Skoda Hallamshire Stages 05-05-2013

Ready... steady... Go!

A tarmac rally held at RAF Barkston Heath, the jets move out and we move in for the weekend. The weather was ideal, dry and sunny but not too hot. Everything looked good, it was ready-steady-Go, off to line up for stage 1. At the start line 5-4-3-2-1-green light, off we went, one minute later we lost power and coasted off the stage and basically that was that. Despite Pete and Stacey’s many attempts to solve the problem the car would only run for a short while and although they did get it going long enough for us to re-scrutineer it stopped before we could go out on stage. That’s rallying.

Flying Fortress Stages 17-03-2013

Spanner check Stuck in a ditch Out of the ditch Stopped snowing but still raining

Held at Grafton Underwood near Kettering, a challenging venue especially when wet. We had a different crew for this rally, driver still Dennis Salt but Pete Brannan was back in the Co-drivers seat. On service was Paul Wedgwood (1st kup) and Tom Wedgwood (1st Degree) with Susan Salt as Team manager (catering). The day started with sleet then snow followed by rain, the Marshalls had a busy day with almost half of the entrants either going off or breaking down. New Century car 36 went off (ditch) on the 1st stage but was back in action for the 2nd , we were one of many who went off with some stages being cancelled. The wet weather eventually caught up with us when the engine was drowned in a big puddle ending our day on the 6th stage. I applaud the Marshalls for the excellent job they did in such bad conditions. Thanks to Opposite lock photography and Kevin Money for their action shots.

Dukeries Motor Club Track Day 13-01-2013

Ready to go Just back in time

The Track-Day was held at Blyton Park. It was a great day to test the car ready for the 2013 season. During the 5 hour track session the car performed well and gave members of the team a go behind the wheel. It was good to see Peter Brannan in the car behind the wheel rather than underneath it.

The Neil Howard Memorial Stages Oulton Park

All ready to go at Oulton Park Last minute advice from Pete (don't break it) In the pit lane ready to go Car likes the clean tarmac

The Neil Howard Memorial Stages was held at Oulton Park 0n 10-11-2012. This was our first Rally on a race track. The car was prepped and set for the clean, fast tarmac and so were we. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be with our engine cutting out on the way to the first stage. Thanks to our service crew Pete and Stacey we were ready to go again for stage 4. That stage went OK but then half way through stage 5 the gremlins hit again and we had to call it a day.

The Opposite Lock Rally

We are up now can we land... ...yes we can! We seem to be flying again There is always some water

The Opposite Lock Rally was held at the Manby Showground 21-07-2012. A great rally where we learnt how to fly, unfortunately the landings eventually took their toll losing all our boost and so we had to finish very slowly. Still managed to finish 38th overall 17th in class.

The John Overend Memorial Stages Rally

Car and crew ready to go Pete giving a few adjustments to Emma’s Helmet  Stacey changing wheels ready for the first stage Car prepped and ready for the first stage

The John Overend Memorial Stages Rally, Melbourne Airfield near York, held on 20-05-2012. This proved to be a challenging Rally with only 40 cars finishing out of 60 starters. Fortunately it was a good day for the New Century Team finishing 24th overall, 13th in class.

The Flying Fortress Rally

Started with rear spoiler Pete fixing car Emma with spoiler Lost rear spoiler

The Flying Fortress Rally held at Kettering on 18-03-2012.    Despite an argument with a barbed wire fence which removed our rear spoiler we completed the rally finishing 36th overall out of 59 starters.

The Premier Rally

Forest stage Back in the forest Dennis refuelling Stacey on brakes, Pete on engine

The Premier Rally held at the Sherwood Pines on 20-11-2011.   The team did well in its first Forest rally but had to retire on the 5th stage with a mechanical fault.

Lincoln Green Stages Rally

Emma at Lincoln Green Rally Lincoln Green Rally Lincoln Green Rally Lincoln Green Rally

Emma Deakin co-driver at the Lincoln Green Stages Rally 10-09-2011, unfortunately we had to retire on the 3rd stage with a blown engine!

Adrian Barker Stages

Adrian Barker Stages 2010 Adrian Barker Stages 2010 Adrian Barker Stages 2010

Adrian Barker Stages October 2010 with Dennis Salt (Driver) and John Keeting (Co-driving). The team suffered a high speed accident on stage 6 that put them out.

Opposite Lock Stages

Opposite Lock Rally 2010 Opposite Lock Rally 2010 Opposite Lock Rally 2010

Opposite Lock Stages July 2010 with Dennis Salt (Driver) and Peter Brannan (Co-driving). The team started 51st and finished a creditable 34th place overall.

Oak Leaf Stages

NCT Rally car Oak Leaf April 2010 Oak Leaf April 2010 Oak Leaf April 2010

Oak Leaf Stages April 2010 with Dennis Salt (Driver) and Peter Brannan (Co-driving). Unfortunately the team didn't record a finish in this event.

Chatsworth Rally Show

Chatsworth Chatsworth

Chatsworth Rally Show June 2009. Out Testing for the up and coming season.