New Century Taekwon-Do


Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.M.A.)

P.U.M.A. was inaugurated on September 1st. 2000, by some of the country's leading martial arts instructors. Since its formation P.U.M.A. has already become one of the largest ITF Taekwon-do groups in the country.

New Century Taekwon-Do (N.C.T.)

New Century Taekwondo is the new name for our 5 local Schools at Biddulph, Buxton, Cheadle, Leek and Fenton. Our first club started at Leek in 1989 and our newest club opened in the mid 90's. They were formally known as the DS TKD Group, but chief instructor for the group Dennis Salt saw the need to update Taekwon-do and bring it into this century (hence the name New Century Taekwon-do). New Century joined P.U.M.A. in 2002 and since then has opened Schools in Chell, Stone, Chesterfield and South Normanton . New Century and P.U.M.A. form the perfect partnership because they are both striving for a modern, progressive approach to martial arts.