New Century Taekwon-Do

Hall of Fame

New Century is very proud to have six Students that achieved World Champion status. Here in their own words are brief accounts of the journey they took to reach this goal. Stacey and Emma are still current School Instructors, not all of our School Instructors are "World Champions" but have shown the same commitment/dedication to achieve their goal. Competeing is only part of what Taekwon-Do offers and we are fortunate to have Instructors who are the real deal and can teach all aspects of the art. With years of experience to me they are all Champions and desverve to have their stories told in our "Hall of Fame".

The Stacey Weatherer Story


Jointly written by father John and Stacey

"Taekwondo has been my life, I have cried with joy, pain and disappointment. It’s not always been an easy journey but thank you Taekwondo for the best life ever."

Emma Deakin


Written by Emma

"I was instantly hooked from the very first lesson! The moral culture of Tae Kwon Do is something that can benefit everyone. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world with teams of marvellous people."

Marie Udall


Written by Marie

"Tae Kwon Do became my everything. I lived, breathed, slept TKD. I passed my black belt, and very much like passing your driving test, that is actually when you "start" to learn? This is when my TKD life truly began! Tae Kwon Do shaped me into the person I am today."

The Atkinson family

Atkinson family

Written by Terry

"Our TKD journey started in 1998 when we enrolled Ashley into Cheadle club. Carly's TKD really reached another level under the brilliant tuition of Master Gayle. We competed with teams from USA, Canada, Nepal, Scotland, Ireland, Argentina, and lots of other countries. Tae Kwon Do was our life for 11 brilliant years where we made some great friends and met some inspiring people."

The Sam Finch Taekwon-Do Story, March 2001 - July 2020


Written by Sam

"Taekwon-Do is something I've done for over 19.4 years now, and it has definitely shaped me into the person I am today, one thing for certain is I will be training and teaching taekwon-do for as long as I possibly can. "

The Brannan Story

Joanne and Peter Brannan

Written by Joanne and Peter Brannan

"So to begin, our Taekwon Do journey as requested by Mr. Salt. It will be a very different read from the ones before us. I've held back for months thinking that what we have to write isn't as interesting or exciting as the younger instructors in our New Century Taekwon Do family. Nevertheless from the insistence by Mr. Salt (he can be very persistent when he wants to be haha, a bit like a dog with a bone), so here it is."