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Forthcoming Local Events


19-08-2017 Senior grade training, Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Clifton Rd, DE6 1DR. 12 noon start.
Instructors training, Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Clifton Rd, DE6 1DR. 11.00 am start.
03-09-2017 PUMA Day. Details to follow.

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TKD News

Northern Taekwon-Do Camp 14/16-07-2017

On Camp at Brook House Farm, Hulme End, we had 161 people, 9 dogs and 1 hamster (never saw the hamster). A great family weekend with all ages joining in (not sure how old the hamster was and didn't see him joining in). A big thank-you to the Instructors for all the thought and planning they put in to make it such a success. The aim of the weekend was for everyone to have a good time, it included some fitness, some Taekwon-Do and a whole lot of fun.

Camp at Brook House Farm
One team challenge was to wrap up an egg using one piece of newspaper and then drop it from a height
without breaking it.

Camp at Brook House Farm
Another team challenge was to build a high structure using marshmallows and spaghetti sticks
(I don't think these Instructors are treating this task too serious).

Camp at Brook House Farm
This challenge is Pants (on your head).

Camp at Brook House Farm
Time for fun.

Camp at Brook House Farm
High place the eggs drop from.

Camp at Brook House Farm
And another.

Camp at Brook House Farm
More pants.

More pictures to follow....

P.U.M.A. English Championships, Swindon - 02-07-2017

Medals, medals, medals. Didn't we do well. Congratulations to all who entered. Results below.

From our Stone School:

Marin Hall

Marin Hall. Stone. Bronze patterns and silver sparring

Stacey Weatherer and Jenny Baxter

Stacey Weatherer. Gold foot destruction and sparring.

Stacey Weatherer and Jenny Baxter

Action shots of sparring show Stacey Weatherer and Jenna Baxter doing battle for first place.

From our Chesterfield School:

Chesterfield medals

Frasier Foston - Bronze Bully Bob Sparing.
Rosie Foston - Bronze Blue Belt Patterns.
Nicholas Giovanardi - Bronze LP Top Draw, Gold LP Competition Drill.
Sophia Giovanardi - Silver Musical Patterns, Gold Yellow Belt Patterns.
Jayson Cotton - Bronze Green Belt Patterns, Gold Sparing

From our Fenton School:

Fenton medals

Bethany Williams Gold in Musical Pattern, Gold in Patterns, Bronze in Sparring.
Joshua Williams Silver in Sparring. Pawel Sewak Silver in Patterns.
Mikael Cacia Gold in Patterns.
Jenna Baxter Silver in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns

P.U.M.A. Junior Championships (May 2017)

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams won Gold for sparring at the P.U.M.A. Junior Championships held on Sunday 28th May 2017, venue Thornbury Leisure Centre, South Gloucestershire. Well done from all at New Century.