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TKD News:     Oct-Dec 2020

Unique opportunity

News of the 2nd UK England lockdown created a unique opportunity for a colourbelt grading. Although at short notice it did give some of our Instructors the chance to video a grading in the Dojang. During the previous lockdown we offered online gradings and although they worked really well we did have to allow for the fact that there may have been more than one take. That wasn't the case with this grading, this was straight into it with one take.

This was even tougher than a normal grading where students know exactly when they will be grading months in advance plus the examinor has the option of playing back the recording. Because of the short notice it was only offered to a few students who had trained hard and close to reaching their peak.

From our Fenton School we had:

From our South Normanton School:

South Normanton Grading
South Normanton Grading
South Normanton Grading

Looking forward to when NORMAL SERVICE is resumed and we can return to all of our Schools grading together. With around 100 grading every time purely from a social point of view it is good for students/Instructors/parents and friends.

November 2020

Chesterfield performed well with brother and sister Iden and Faye Hubbuck taking a 1st and two 3rd places in Patterns and Sparring. In Jang Bong (Bo staff) Oliver Payne from Biddulph adds another medal to his collection taking a 3rd. Well done to all these students and thanks to all officials who volunteered to help.




2020 update

Through all the doom and gloom of 2020 our team of Instructors/Assistant Instructors/Helpers have done a great job keeping spirits up and motivating everyone with their outdoor/indoor and online classes. Thanks to their hard work and the support of our loyal students/parents/carers we have managed to maintain a high standard of Taekwon-Do. The saying "teamwork that makes the dream work" is very true for us during 2020. Wouldn't it have been good if the rest of our country/world had done the same.

Our only fully live colourbelt grading since the March lockdown was on Friday 18th December 2020 at the Brough Park Leisure Centre, Leek. Instructor Mr Sam Finch just managed to squeeze it in before Christmas with examiner Miss Stacey Weatherer doing the honours. Although Covid Tier 3 restricted the grading to under 18 year olds 29 students were successfully promoted, one passing with Distinction and ten with Merits.

Due to the age restriction Mr Lee Ried from our South Normanton School took the online grading and was promoted to 2nd Kup (Redbelt). Well done everyone.

During the year many of our students have embraced the new online platform and have been successful at online gradings and competitions. P.U.M.A. also managed to squeeze in a Blackbelt grading where we gained eight new 1st Degree's and a 3rd Degree (see P.U.M.A Black Belt Grading article below).

I would also like to congratulate one of our ex Leek members Mr Christopher Norman who was promoted to 3rd Degree in September. Amongst many other things Chris runs his own very successful Taekwon-Do School at Warwick University and is a valued member of P.U.M.A.

Our Zoom quiz/party night on Monday 21st December 2020 was a great finish to the year, thanks go to Stacey/Emma/Erica and team.