New Century Taekwon-Do

TKD News:     Jul-Sep 2021

P.U.M.A. Blackbelt Grading held at Winterbourne, Bristol
18th July 2021

A great day for New Century Taekwon-Do and P.U.M.A. Martial Arts with a good friend of mine often referred to as "Mr T." being promoted to MASTER Robert Tettmar 7th Degree.

Master Tettmar VII Degree

Despite Covid restrictions he still managed to do an excellent performance for the Grading Panel. "Well done Sir", Top Martial artist, nice person and an inspiration to us all.

Master Robert Tettmar 7th Degree with Master Gayle 8th Degree and Master Ogborne 7th Degree

He joins Master Gayle 8th Degree and Master Ogborne 7th Degree in PUMA's 20th anniversary year.

Congratulations also go to Miss Bethany Williams and brother Mr Joshua Williams from our Fenton School who were promoted to 2nd Degree Blackbelts. Congratulations are also in order to Miss Sienna Redfern from our Buxton School who was promoted to 1st Degree Blackbelt. Again despite Covid restrictions and a very hot day all three Students managed to perform well. We are proud of you all, taking a Blackbelt grading is not an easy task anytime but to keep the neccessary training up during the past 16 (Covid) months and perform the "best you can be" to the Panel is to be commended.

At this grading I was also very proud to have one of my students (Miss Stacey Weatherer 5th Degree) take a place on the P.U.M.A. Blackbelt Grading Panel. Miss Emma Deakin 5th Degree (our other area grading Exanimer) also attended and formed part of the Grading organising team. Also melting in the carpark (due to Covid retrictions) supporting our students were Instructors Mr Sam Finch 4th Degree, Mr Anthony Knight 3rd Degree and Mrs Louise Knight 2nd degree.