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TKD News:     Jul-Sep 2012

Olympic torch holder Katy Wilson

The South Normanton Taekwon-Do School Instructors Mr Peter Brannan and Mrs Joanne Brannan.

Joanne writes:

Katy Wilson is 16 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis, despite this she plays tennis every day and has represented Derbyshire in all age groups including playing for the Ladies team.    I nominated Katy because of her brilliant attitude towards having Cystic Fibrosis and towards playing tennis.   Last year has been a difficult one health-wise for Katy and she hasn't been able to play as well or as much as usual, but she is determined that having Cystic Fibrosis will not rule her life.   Katy never complains about having Cystic Fibrosis and never asks for any special treatment.   She just keeps on smiling and keeps on playing tennis.

Olympic torch holder Katy Wilson
Olympic torch holder (29-06-2012) Katy Wilson with South Normanton Taekwon-Do

P.U.M.A.'s Presentation Evening

30th June 2012. Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon.

At P.U.M.A.'s   25th  Presentation Evening around 260 students family and friends celebrated the presentation of belts and awards.

Gareth Jones 2nd Degree.  Gareth also won the best on Spirit test award.
Erica Levett 1st Degree.  Passing with a Credit.
Christopher Phillips 1st Degree.
Kylie Stevenson 1st Degree.
Joe Heath 1st Degree.
Harvey Marfil 1st Degree.
Nicola Clennell 1st Degree.
Charlie Whitaker 1st Degree.
Jack Ely 1st Degree.
Duane Archilletti 1st Degree.
Haris Mahmood 1st Degree.

P.U.M.A.'s  25th Presentation Evening

Students with their new belts    (see Gallery for more photos)

English Championships

Congratulations to the winners from Buxton, Chesterfield and Fenton Schools.

English Championships results 24-06-2012:

Alison Gartside Silver in Sparring (2nd degree)
Alison Gartside Silver in Patterns (2nd degree)
Jenna Baxter Gold in Sparring (1st degree)
Mathew Bagnall Bronze in Sparring (blue belt)
Elizabeth Woodcroft Silver in Sparring (yellow belt)
Mikael Cacia Nothing this time - first student from Fenton to ever enter musical patterns (black stripe)