New Century Taekwon-Do

TKD News:     Apr-Jun 2020

P.U.M.A. Online Championships (May 2020)

P.U.M.A. held their first Online Championships at the end of May. Although limited to what could be done online (no Sparring or Destruction) it still had an entry of well over 100.

New Century did well with winners from the following Schools:

South Normanton

Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson (left)         Lee and Leoni Reid (right)




Congratulations to all of you.

Online Grading (June 2020)

The Reid family from our South Normanton School are the first students to grade online. Obviously we would have all preferred to have done it live but unfortunately Covid-19 has temporarily put a stop to that. Our adapted syllabus and system worked extremely well with all the family putting 100% into their performance. All were successful with Mr and Mrs Reid achieving OLG-M (On Line Grading-Merit) and their son OLG-P (On Line Grading-Pass). Mr and Mrs Reid also won at the P.U.M.A. Online Championships.

The Reid family

The Reid family from our South Normanton School