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TKD News:     Apr-Jun 2015

P.U.M.A. Legend awards 09-05-2015

P.U.M.A. held their first Legend awards night in Bristol on the 9th May 2015.
The Legend awards are given as a way of remembering and celebrating the life of Master Black who was himself a Legend.

Master Black - 1953-2013

Senior Master Jonny Black 8th Degree. 1953-2013

People are nominated for the award in one of the following categories:

  • Indomitable spirit.
  • Long service to your school.
  • Perseverance.
  • Competition award: adult & junior.
  • Random acts of kindness.
  • Students who’ve made a real difference.
  • Infectious attitude.
  • Technical excellence.
  • Mature students.
  • Named after the ’Legend Master Black’, the world is richer because you’re here.

  • The following New Century members received awards:

  • John Weatherer Long service to your school.
  • Stacey Weatherer Competition award: adult.
  • Emma Deakin Competition award: adult
  • Dennis Salt Students who’ve made a real difference.
  • David Deakin Mature students.

  • Master Black would have been proud of you all.

    New Century award winners with P.U.M.A. Chairman Master Gayle

    P.U.M.A. Chairman Master Gayle 8th Degree with award winners

    P.U.M.A. Blackbelt grading 16-05-2015

    At the P.U.M.A. Blackbelt grading 16-05-2015 held at the Oasis, Swindon, the following students were promoted to 1st Degree Blackbelt:


  • Congratulations to you all, the years of hard work have paid off.    Look forward to seeing you all receive your Belts/Certificates at the P.U.M.A. Presentation Evening on 20-06-2015.

    Well done again and a thank you to all the Instructors who helped you along the way.

    New Century Emergency Services Night 29-05-2015

    New Century Emergency Services Night 29-05-2015 at Brough park Leisure centre, Leek.
    Little Pumas (4-7yrs) and Juniors (7-11yrs) enjoyed a night with the three main Emergency Services. New Century would like to thank all the Services for coming and explaining what each of them does.
    Thank you also to those who made donations to the Cheddleton First Responders and the Air Ambulance.

    Cheddleton First Responders
    Cheddleton First Responders in action with some of our Taekwon-Do students.

    PCSO James Naylor

    PCSO James Naylor from Leek Police with a group of Little Pumas.

    Leek Fire Service
    Leek Fire Service with Engine and a few of our students.

    P.U.M.A. English Championships 2015 (14-06-2015)


    A very busy/exciting day for both competitors and officials. Thank you to all officials who travelled down to Swindon.

    New Century Successes:

  • Jacob Bode – Gold Patterns and Bronze Sparring
  • Dominic Melluish – Gold Yellow belt and Silver Patterns
  • Henry Owen – Gold Green belt Sparring
  • Jake Botchett – Silver Green belt sparring
  • Aiden Bailey – Gold Bo-staff
  • Dylan Haertal – Gold Red Belt Sparring
  • Mikael Cacia – Bronze Sparring Bronze Patterns
  • Matthew Bagnall – Gold Sparring, Silver Patterns
  • Joshua Williams – Bronze Sparring
  • Bethany Williams – Gold Sparring, Gold Patterns
  • Leah Bailey – Gold Sparring
  • Jenna Baxter – Silver Sparring, Bronze Patterns
  • Adam Blake – Bronze Sparring and Patterns.
  • Alex Cano – LP Top Draw Bronze
  • Amelia Wheatcroft – LP Comp Drill Bronze
  • Harriet Chadwick – LP Top Draw Silver
  • Seth Melluish – LP Comp Drill Bronze and Top Draw Bronze
  • Sorry if I missed anyone off.

    Some of our English winners from the Fenton School

    Some of our English winners from the Fenton School.

    P.U.M.A Presentation Evening 20-06-2015
    Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon

    Family and friends enjoyed an evening celebrating the achievements of P.U.M.A members.
    From New Century we had Matthew Bagnall, Mikael Cacia, Nathan Holden and Alex Ellerton receiving their 1st Degree Blackbelts. Alex also won a prize for the best Junior essay.
    Receiving their Instructors certificates was Paul Wedgwood and Gareth Miles. Well done to all, the hard work was worth it.

    Blackbelts promoted 20-06-2015

    Blackbelts promoted 20-06-2015.

    Bo Staff Seminar/Grading Sunday 28th June 2015

    Master Ogborne and Mr Ashmead travelled to Leek High from Wincanton and held a three hour Seminar/Grading.

    Bo Staff Seminar/Grading

    The session was a great success with the following students being promoted:

    South Normanton:

  • Joanne Brannan – Beginner Grade to Level 1 CREDIT
  • Pete Brannan – Beginner Grade to Level 1 CREDIT
  • Riley Canning – Beginner Grade to Level 1 CREDIT
  • Kieran Scott – Beginner Grade to Level 1 CREDIT
  • Alexander Mann – Beginner Grade to Level 1

  • Chesterfield:

  • Domonic Melluish – Beginner Grade to Level 1 CREDIT

  • Leek:

  • James Edwards – Beginner Grade to Level 1

  • Fenton:

  • Jenna Baxter – Beginner Grade to Level 1 DISTINCTION
  • Leah Bailey – Beginner Grade to Level 1

  • Stone:

  • Oliver Roberts – Beginner Grade to Level 1
  • Kian Stanley – Beginner Grade to Level 1
  • Harper Shelton – Beginner Grade to Level 1