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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To help restrict the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) ALL New Century Taekwon-Do Schools are now CLOSED.     Our instructors have prepared videos and useful information to help you to continue your training at home.

See our NCT Newsletter for updates and links to home training facebook sites.

For your entertainment, a few random photos of NCT history

Master Hee Il Cho

1. I took my 1st Degree Black belt with Master Hee Il Cho 8th Degree (now Grandmaster Hee Il Cho 9th Degree). He appeared in several films, do you know which ones?


2. Our first School (Club) opened in Leek on January 5th 1989, where was the next one?

Licence Books

3. I have been a member of 3 different TKD Organisations. We all know that P.U.M.A. is the best but which one have I been a member of the longest?


4. Wild card***Who is this? (is she holding a Frisbee).

Answers and more to follow next week.


I started as a Whitebelt...
1.    You have probably spotted me on the back row top left (next to my sister in law), but did you recognise Susan on the right front row. We joined Ashbourne TKD on 26th February 1980 training under UKTA Instructor Mr M. Anderson 2nd Degree, took our 9th Kup grading on 04-07-1980 with Master Rhee Ki Ha 8th Degree (now Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha 9th Degree).

...managed to achieve Red...
2.    Pattern Dan-gun.

...even got to Black
3.    July 7th 1985.

Who is this?
4.    S.L.F. Samuel Lee Finch.

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