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Week 11

Dear all,

Well over a hundred entered last weekends P.U.M.A. Online Competition. It will take Master Gayle a couple of weeks to go through all the videos so I would think the results will be out around mid June. Hope you all did well.

Sorry again, the Atkinson family story is still not quite ready but should be with me for next week. Things are slowly moving towards getting some sports going again but only in a very small way, hope to have more positive news next week.

Kindest regards,
Senior Instructor Dennis Salt 6th Degree.

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For your entertainment, a few random photos of NCT history

This Week:

1. Unsung Heros Chesterfield School.

Article by Instructor Miss Emma Deakin 5th Degree.

I have no doubt when I say that I could not run my TKD School without the help and support of my mum and dad.
They do all the behind the scenes work. Paper work, fetching and carrying, ordering, engraving trophies, washing me suits... you name it, they do it!
On a TKD training night, they are always there with smiles on their faces to help meet and great and create the family orientated martial arts school that Chesterfield TKD is.
During lockdown, they have continued to support me (and Chesterfield TKD), joining in challenges, contacting students by phone and Dad has even done some training!

Next in line for a huge thank you is Mr Dale Hubbuck (3rd Degree) Assistant Instructor. Along with his family, he attends every lessons and is always one of the first to offer to give his time to help teach junior grades.
He has a depth of knowledge and his patient manor with students encourages them to learn and succeed. He attends area squads, gradings and senior grade training sessions again, always willing to give up his time to help.

When unable to attend a class, he willingly instructs of my behalf. Thank you Sir!

Mr Paul Phillips (3rd Degree) is another huge assets to Chesterfield TKD. He has for many years assisted with Little PUMA lessons and taught lessons when I am not there.
An invaluable help! Similarly in TKD he is always keen to help others and offer support and advice.
Again Mr Phillips is always willing to help cover lessons when I am unable to attend.

Mr Hubbuck and Mr Phillips are highly thought of and respected by myself and students at Chesterfield TKD.

Mr Thomas Bailey (2nd Degree) although now relocated and training in the south deserves to be mentioned.
He continues to update the Chesterfield TKD website (entirely instigated and developed by himself) and is always at hand to offer technical support with the use of Facebook groups etc.
This form of communication, again initially set up by him has proved to be of great value during this lockdown period. Thank you!

There have been many other students over the years (some of whom are still with us and some of whom have moved on) that have helped shape Chesterfield School, who have inspired others to step out and their comfort zone and encouraged others to be the best they can be. You know who you are!

Finally, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my loyal and dedicated students who attend lessons, travel to competitions, support local and National PUMA events and train with a smile on their face.
You all contribute to Chesterfield TKD and make the school what it is! Honoured to be a small part of the chain!!

2. Unsung Heros Biddulph/Buxton/Congleton/Macclesfield/Leek Lp's.

Article by Instructor Mr Sam Finch 4th Degree.

Mr Paul Wedgwood - 3rd Degree Black Belt: Paul is a great help whenever you need it, a Buxton student who started training under Mr Salt with his two children Tom and Jamie. He is always at Buxton every Wednesday helping out with Little Pumas and taekwon-do but also helping with the paperwork side of things too, this is a great help meaning one of us can always be on the floor teaching and keeping everything 'under control'!! Not only does he attend Buxton but he also travels over to Leek each week to help out and teach the next up and coming students there. . . Paul is extremely committed to taekwon-do and it doesn't go unnoticed, you will often find him down in Swindon to umpire and compete at competitions but he will also be helping out at our gradings every three months, whether that be setting up, teaching, asking questions or packing up once it's all over. Paul is the nicest man you could wish to meet and since taking over Buxton in 2015 I have got to know him very well and is a great friend, quite often after a class has finished we will still be there stood talking by our cars for 30 - 40 minutes!!

Miss Jenna Baxter - 3rd Degree Black Belt: Jenna has been great ever since I started teaching, she has helped me out almost every single lesson at Biddulph and Macclesfield as well as sometimes at Leek with the Little Pumas and at Mossley. We will quite often have a row during a lesson about what is the best way to go about doing something (it's not a row in a bad way but it makes us get the job done better, and our students and parents find it funny and normally expect it to happen). Some of our classes have quite a lot of students in and if it wasn't for Jenna then the standard would be a lot lower than where it is as it would be extremely difficult to teach everything on my own.

Mr Oliver Payne - 1st Degree Black Belt: Olly is a great up and coming student of taekwon-do, his commitment the past few years has been second to none and I'm sure if he keeps it up he will go on to achieve great things within taekwon-do. He is a massive help at our Biddulph and Macclesfield classes where he will help with the Little Pumas and a good chunk of the taekwon-do sessions. Not only is he keen to be teaching but also competing and has attended every competition going for a number of years, his mum and dad (Tracy and Mark) also have a massive part to play in taking him to all the different things he wants to do and will always give their support whenever needed.

Miss Daniella Potts - 1st Kup: Daniella is great with children, she will always help to teach with Little Pumas and our junior taekwon-do students at Biddulph and always does a brilliant job. Again as long as she sticks with it she could have a great future teaching all the next students coming through.

Miss Sienna Redfern - 1st Kup: Sienna helps out with out taekwon-do students in Buxton and again is great not only at the taekwon-do part but helping all the children learn new things and to improve. Sienna and Daniella alike will hopefully be attempting to gain their black belts within the next 12 months and will be a great addition to our already amazing black belts we have within New Century.

Mr Kyle Stapleton - 2nd Kup: Kyle should hopefully of achieved his black stripe by now, or at least that was the plan, but this lockdown has managed to set that back just at the moment. Kyle is the comedian of any lesson but is a great student and a great help just like everyone else, he will take warm ups and help with small groups in class especially when a grading is coming up. His class is Macclesfield but also trains and helps at Buxton and is great at teaching and helping with the younger ones.

3. Down memory lane. In NORMAL times we hold at least one colourbelt grading a year in Buxton. The first grading held there was in June 1992 at the Buxton Community School. Out of the 85 students grading 30 were from the Buxton School (then called High Peak Taekwon-Do),10 of which passed at advanced level (Distiction). Even though the photo is in black and white you can still see that the weather was great (just as it is now).

Q3. Down memory lane

4. Wild card***Any idea what the name of this Guide Dog is?

Name this Guide Dog

Answers and more to follow next week.


4.     Wild card***(who is the guy in a New Century Dobok?)

Who is the guy in a New Century Dobok?

It's Mr Christopher Norman 2nd Degree.

A member of New Century Leek who after achieving 2nd Degree moved to Warwick University and alongside his coarse studies manages to run a very successful TKD School. Chris and his students are regular visitors to P.U.M.A. Competitions, photo shows Chris and the Warwick Uni team at this years P.U.M.A. International Open. A great Taekwon-Do practitioner and during his time at Leek was part of the New Century Demo team (more about this next week) and a successful competitor. His parents are Christopher and Christine, yes 3 Chris's. A great/supportive family like most we meet in TKD.
After watching from the sidelines we eventually got his Mum training,she trained alongside Julie Udall with both being promoted to 1st Degree Blackbelt in 2009. Managed to aquire a couple of photos taken at the P.U.M.A. Presentation Evening where they received their Belts. Julie/Christine and Julie with (World Champ)daugther Marie.

Who is the guy in a New Century Dobok?
Who is the guy in a New Century Dobok?
Who is the guy in a New Century Dobok?

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